Proton Therapy Insurance Coverage

Proton Therapy Insurance Coverage

Proton therapy is not yet available in the Netherlands. Per the end of 2017, proton therapy will become available at a limited number of centres in the Netherlands, including the UMC GPTC. Until that time, patients may be referred to proton therapy centres elsewhere in Europe. This requires a specific indication. Such indications include paediatric tumours (= tumours in children), certain skull base tumours, and certain uveal (= eye) tumours.

If you are a patient with one of these indications, you are essentially eligible for the reimbursement of the treatment. Treatment at a centre within Europe is always considered first. In exceptional cases, if no centres are able to accommodate the treatment, the possibility of treatment at a proton centre in the United States is reviewed. However, this always requires prior approval by your health insurance company.

Cost Items Eligible for Reimbursement

The following information regarding reimbursement of proton therapy abroad has been drawn up by Zorgverzekeraars Nederland (ZN), an umbrella organisation of nine health insurers in The Netherlands.

Transportation and Accommodation:

  • You will receive compensation for transportation and accommodation costs including those of any caretaker(s) for the duration of the treatment to a maximum of €90.00 per day from the date of your arrival in, up to and including the date of your departure from, your country of destination.
  • Your caretaker(s) may be eligible for the maximum daily compensation. Please consult your health insurance company regarding the policy conditions beforehand.
  • Alternatively, your health insurance company may choose to provide you with accommodation in-kind. In that case, you will not be entitled to compensation of accommodation costs.
  • If transportation by public transport or by an owned car is impossible, then your health insurance company will provide you with seated or reclined patient transport, or reimburse your travel expenses according to your health insurance company’s policy conditions.

Your Reimbursement:

Compensation of your transportation and accommodation costs is issued once daily, from the date of your arrival in, up to and including the date of your departure from, your country of destination.