Psychosocial support in cancer

Psychosocial support in cancer

A cancer diagnosis can be life changing for you and for your loved ones. There will be challenges that you will face, both physically and emotionally. Emotions such as fear, uncertainty, anger and sadness commonly arise and you may ask yourself questions, such as ‘why me?’, ‘what will happen to partner or to my children?’ or ‘how can I go on?’. Speaking with a social worker, psychologist or spiritual counsellor can assist you in managing your questions and emotions.

Please contact one of the social workers at the UMCG to discuss your needs, for example:

  • working through and accepting your illness 

  • relationship problems with your partner, children and/or family

  • adjusting to your new (social) situation

  • making treatment-related choices

  • communicating with hospital care providers

  • problems with studies, work or financial benefits

  • coping with loss and grief

  • questions related to spirituality and religion

  • sexuality and self-image

Your partner or other family members can also contact these care providers  with their questions.


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