Treatment Procedure

Treatment Procedure

Essentially, proton therapy treatment at the UMCG proceeds as follows:

1. Preparation

Where: Please report at the desk of the Radiotherapy department, Fonteinstraat 18. After that, please take a seat in the waiting room. A radiotherapy technologist will escort you from here.

The preparatory procedure consists of the following steps:

        a.  Where necessary, mould a mask (only for head/neck radiation) at the mould room.

        b. Perform a scan (CT/PET/MRI) to determine the area to be irradiated.

        c. Make a radiation plan using a computer.

2. Radiotherapy

Where: Please report at the desk of the UMC GPTC. After that, please take a seat in the waiting room.

During preperation: A radiotherapy technologist will escort you from the waiting room to a changing room. The technologist will then take you to the positioning room, where two radiotherapy technologists 

will help position you correctly. Once the relevant data has been verified, one of technologists will transport you to the treatment room (while you remain on the treatment table/trolley). When you arrive at the treatment room, your position will be checked a second time, and the radiotherapy machine will be calibrated. Once everything is setup correctly, the lab assistants will leave the room, and monitor the situation from the operating room.

Next, the machine will take an X-ray picture or a CT-scan. As a patient, you will not be aware of this. This picture or scan is an additional verification of your position and, where necessary, will be used to adjust your position. Once your correct position is verified, the treatment itself begins. The position of the treatment table may need to be adjusted for each treatment area. The technologists will join you in the treatment room to adjust the table for you, should this be required. 

Een radiotherapeutisch laborant haalt u op uit de wachtkamer en neemt u mee naar een kleedkamer. Vervolgens gaat u met de laborant naar de positioneringsruimte.  Hier wordt u door twee laboranten in de juiste houding gelegd. Als alle gegevens kloppen, begeleidt een van de laboranten u (terwijl u op de behandeltafel/trolly blijft liggen) naar de bestralingsruimte. Eenmaal in de bestralingsruimte wordt uw ligging nogmaals gecontroleerd en wordt het bestralingstoestel ingesteld. Wanneer alles klaar staat verlaten de laboranten de ruimte.  Via camera’s houden de laboranten u in de bedieningsruimte in de gaten.

During radiotherapy:  If you need to cough, or if something else prevents you from maintaining your position during the treatment, please indicate this by raising your hand. The technologists  will immediately pause the treatment and join you in the treatment room to make sure you are all right, and whether you are still in the correct position.

The radiation treatment cannot be seen or felt. Radiation therapy will not make you radioactive.