Treatment Team at the Radiotherapy Department

Treatment Team at the Radiotherapy Department

A treatment at the Radiotherapy involves meeting a number of caregivers, namely:

Medical Administrative staff

Members of medical administrative staff can be found at the reception desk. They take care of patient registration and set up check-up appointments.

Patient Service staff

Patient service staff members make sure that your radiotherapy treatment process goes properly, and that you receive adequate support along the way. They are the first point of contact at the Radiotherapy department for any questions you may have. Following the first meeting with a radiotherapeutic-oncologist, you will have an introductory meeting with a member of patient service staff. If your meeting with a radiotherapeutic-oncologist took place at another hospital, you will meet with a patient service staff member during your first visit to the UMCG Radiotherapy department.

Following this meeting, you will be given the “Patient Service” information brochure, which includes a reminder of how patient service staff can assist you. 

Radiotherapeutic-Oncologist and Physician Assistant

Your attending physician at the Radiotherapy department is a radiotherapeutic-oncologist: a medical specialist in the field of cancer radiation treatment. In some cases, the attending physician may be a doctor in training to become a radiotherapeutic-oncologist, supervised by one of our radiotherapeutic-oncologists.

In addition, our department employs several Physician Assistants (PAs). PAs are paramedical professionals trained to support the radiotherapeutic-oncologists in several of their tasks. The PAs work under the supervision of a radiotherapeutic-oncologist.

Your attending radiotherapeutic-oncologist or PA will discuss and establish your treatment plan with you. Over the course of your treatment, you will be scheduled for one or more check-up appointments with your physician or PA. Should your own physician or PA be indisposed, then another radiotherapeutic-oncologist, PA, or doctor in training who is well-informed of your situation, will take over.

Radiotherapy Technologist

Radiotherapy technologists tend to the implementation of radiation treatments, take care of treatment preparations, and perform the actual radiation treatment sessions.