For Patients

For Patients

This page offers detailed information about proton therapy. It explains what proton therapy is, what the criteria for proton therapy eligibility are, what the treatment process tends to look like, and whether health insurance companies reimburse for the treatment.

Please note that, while the information provided here is applicable for the majority of patients, your individual situation may differ from what is described.

As of january 2018, your attending specialist physician may refer patients for a proton treatment at the Proton Therapy Centre, part of the Radiotherapy (radiation treatment) department of the University Medical Centre Groningen, also known as the UMC GPTC.

To view the video: Treatment with proton therapy at the UMCG click here.

How does proton treatment at the UMC Groningen Proton Therapy Centre work?  The video addresses important issues related to proton therapy from the patient’s as well as the care provider’s perspective.